About ValleyFM

We are the only radio station specifically targeting the Breede Valley, Langeberg and Witzenberg regions, across urban, peri-urban and rural communities. 

Aimed at informing, educating, entertaining and inspiring the communities it serves, Valley fm represents ‘the voice of the community’ and, as such, is committed to providing a full spectrum of programming that reflects and stimulates listeners of all ages and cultures. 

Exposing the listener to a wide range of ideas, issues and events, Valley fm’s vision is to encourage critical thinking and the flow of human creativity and resources towards empowering its audiences to experience life to its fullest potential. Valley fm pursue a developmental agenda to realise the rights enshrined in the South African Constitution. 

Mission statement

to inform, educate and inspire.

Valley fm is committed to providing a full spectrum of programming that reflects and stimulates the communities it serves. Exposing the communities to a wide range of ideas, issues and events, it aims to encourage critical and inspirational thinking towards the unlocking of human potential and resources, empowering listeners and their families to experience life to its fullest potential.


In 1998 Valley fm applied for a 4-year permanent license, and was subsequently on air for a series of 5 one-month (special events) periods. During this time the station endeared itself to the hearts and minds of the majority of the community – its broadcasts demonstrating the need and importance of a community broadcaster catering specifically for its regional audiences. 

During November 2002 Valley fm attended a public hearing and on 27 March 2003 ICASA granted the station a 4-year broadcast license, enabling it to launch a full-time broadcasting service with effect from 1 August 2003. 

Station Profile

As the region’s only radio station directly serving this community, and the most popular mass media vehicle, Valley fm provides an established platform from which retailers and service companies can, at minimal cost, bring products and services to the attention of the region’s urban, peri-urban and rural communities. Valley fm’s footprint includes 28 towns in the Breede Valley, Witzenberg and Langeberg municipal areas. 

Comprising a culturally eclectic population, ranging from community members to small business entrepreneurs, local government representatives and farm dwellers, the region provides us with a listener LSM profile spanning from 4 – 10. 

To ensure balanced content over its 7-day 24-hour broadcast schedule Valley fm engages in participative dialogue with community leaders and residents alike; provides a wide range of musical entertainment; a popular daily magazine programme focusing on the family, health and women’s issues; youth-participation forums; educational, community health, and cultural programmes; sports coverage, and the opportunity for all to interact on air with current issues affecting themselves, their families and communities towards development and growth. 


station manager

Francois Marais

program manager

Catherine Wiese

music coordinator

Elliot Godla

News Room editor

Vuyo Mrashula
+27 23 347 0993

Sport Correspondent

Martin van Wyk